Why use a comparison shopping engine?
With the ease of the web you can find the best deals on the products that you are looking to buy without leaving the house, saving you money and time.

Why use PriceShy.com?
We know there are many shopping engines on the web that provide the same or similar outcomes, but at PriceShy.com we make it fast, easier and we take the bloat out.

PriceShy.com will periodically post editorial reviews and recommendations that will help you find the best product for your needs and help you answers the basic questions like: what is the best compact digital camera for under $300? What is better Plasma, LCD, OLED or Rear Projection TV? What is the best sounds system for my house? As much as shopping engines help you find the best deals on the products you buy they don't really help you identify the products that you want to buy. As always the web is full of information but very few will help you distill that information into helpful advice, we at PriceShy.com will help you do that one consumer category at a time and at the same time saving you money in the process.